Friday, January 23, 2009

ughh still sick

Ok so I've been sick for a while now, four days to be exact, and quite frankly I am sick of being sick. Im not really sure if its my tiny build or just the chemicals in my body, but medication doesn't do anything but trip me out. So after four days of being loopy and breathing through nothing but my mouth I've decided to let all yall in on my misery. [and yes i know the term 'all yall' is grammatically incorrect in so many ways but this is my blog so you'll just have to deal with it]
I never realized how essential nose breathing is until I tried to eat. The better the food is the worse it makes the situation. All I wanted to do was enjoy and savor my ooh so yummy Gyro all the while suffocating with each bite. I just want to enjoy my stupid Gyro, is it to much to ask.
Anyways I'll get over my Gyro rampage, I just wish I didn't feel so much like Eli Manning, just standing there all breathing with my mouth open like an idiot uughh.
Well I'm done with my first blog, sure its not great, but who cares. Peace, I'm off to get some rest.

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