Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So after a very long and upsetting today I was reminded once again how fragile everything really is. How fragile my life is and everything in it. 
To think that something so small and innocent could just ruin everything i have going right now is just a little bit frightening. I watch things fall apart around me constantly and am slowly coming to realize that maybe Im the reason for it all. It seemed silly at first, but now I'm just not that sure anymore. 
In fact I'm not sure about anything anymore, for instance how healthy i am for the people around me, or even for myself. I'm seeming more and more poisonous everyday, polluting the very atmosphere around me.

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  1. Okay girlie-so this is what has been up with you lately???? You are not a bad apple you ae not even a bad seed. Not even close to bad at all. You are a normal everyday confused frustrated teen who lives in a strange arranged house with people who have issues of their own but love you very very much. The one thing I would wish for you is to let things go. If you always get upset and keep staying upset for days-it will never be better and you will feel depressed. Just let it go. Honestly what can you do to make some of your problems better? Some of them will just go away if you don't face them. Here you go:

    Handle every stressful situation like a dog. If you can't eat it or play with it, piss on it and walk away.

    I truly believe that Lana and I want you to try to give some of your worries up. We want you in our home. We love you like a sister. We want all of your family to just be proud of you. We want to see you smile more. We want you happy. So just be happy.