Monday, September 21, 2009


ok so here i am writing a blog so that i dont have to write a stupid college essay. I am literally out of things to do to keep me busy. so here i am.
firstly i went to the doctor today for the firstime time all year, had to get some blood work done and i wont know whats wrong untill wednesday.. hopefully nothing serious. i had blast this weekend, got to see and spend time with my friends, alex turned fourteen..where have the years gone. but i had a blast even if i didn't get to see her for very long.

So pretty soon i have to start making decisions about college.. not looking forward to crossing that bridge. I want to go off to college really badly and i know it will be a whole lot to take in but i feel if i dont get out now then i never will. then theres dad, who isn't gonna make my decision any easier. he wants me to live with hi while i go to ac or milan. and hes pretty dead set on it. god knows i love him, i jost dont want to be stuck here. Im already having a difficult time of living here and its only been a couple of months..
well i have an essay to write so im done here

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