Sunday, August 9, 2009


ok well i dont really have a set toppic to rant about for this post so here goes. Schools starting up in like two weeks, yikes. i get to do it all over again. new school, new teachers, new people. cant wait to get on that mental rollercoaster. witch leads me to the next thing..i have no idea where my summer went. i had places to go and friends to visit and somehow here i am in august with nothing done. So i guess i gotta get on the ball n actually go do the shit i need to before its too late n i get busy being a senior. eesh. Also i get to live with 5 new people.. ya. appaerntly my dads ex girlfriend and her four kids are moving in (and soon) and so wallah. house of 9. And im not saying its gonna be bad or anything.. i know we need help with payments and all and they need help and a house and everyone wins.. that kind of stuff but damn...9. Oh well just gotta roll with the punches. it should make for an interesting year anyhow. well heres to hopin i get done all i need to get done.

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