Thursday, June 18, 2009

So I was just introduced to woman number three in my dads life. Yay me. It never seems like theres ever a break between his girlfriends in fact they oftenover lap...everytime. Im happy hes finding new people but with each girl it seems things move quicker n quicker. Not to mention the girls are gettingyounger, or maybe thats just my imagination getting away with me. Im just really tired of trying to accept these women only to see them leave two days later. I guess im done bitching.

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  1. Honey! I told Alex the other day that you really need to come spend the night. I know you moved out but you can still visit.

    I always seem torn here when you are having issues with your dad. I want you two to work thingsout and for everything to be lovely but the reality is that I don't think that will ever happen.

    Lana lots of people do love you. We miss you. We have not even done a damn thing to your room since you left. Please come and beinvolved when we move. Stay and have some dinner with us. We would love to see you again. Alex is goign to her dads again on Sunday and she will be gone for two weeks. Even if just you and me take in a movie, I would like that.

    Now about the girlfriends. Just remember that everyone is looking for that someone. Some just get carreid away with it and start ot forget to take care of the other things in life. I have been thinking about Chase alot. Do you think he would benefit from tutoring???? I would seriously consider doing it if you think he would. Maybe having me or BRandon around a bit would help. I don't know-he jsut always seems receptive to us too.

    We DO miss you honey. We would love to see you. You should also check your girl Korri in Groom-heavy times she is having my friend! She doesn't need to make mistakes others have.

    Take care and I love you!